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The successful sale of real estate relies heavily on professional interior photography to draw in potential buyers and showcase everything the property offers. 

We are passionate about capturing the beauty of architecture and interior design of buildings and pride ourselves on helping estate agencies and private individuals showcase the character of their homes and commercial spaces. Our real estate photography is a valuable tool in enticing potential buyers to make an offer.

When we come to your property we will look around and figure out how to compose the room in order to present it in it's best light. As we shoot your property, we’ll be considering the effects of ambient light caused by the position of your home, the time of year and the time of day. This allows us to ensure we are using the most appropriate equipment to photograph the inside of your property.


Why choose Real Sense?

Based in London, we have many years of experience photographing properties in the UK. We work to the highest standards, professionalism and efficiency. We guarantee:


Quick response and turnaround times


High quality images taken of every property

Multiple angle shots of pre-agreed rooms

We will carefully remove any before the shoot to make the most of any room

Images will be provided in a format your estate agent can easily use online

Marketing and getting the best shots

When marketing any property one of the most painful things to see is poor photography. A good quality camera in the hands of a professional will do your property justice with exceptional Property Photography. Unless you are proficient in high-end photography and post-production skills then it’s best you leave the photography to us.

Quick guide on how to make the most of your property and get the best shots:

External Property Photography: Hide wheelie bins and move cars. Tidy the front garden and path to the property. We know it’s a pain but grab the mower out mow the lawn! Set out garden furniture and tidy the little ones’ toys away.

Interior Property Photography: Clear the clutter and put utensils away. Open blinds and curtains. Bins are unsightly and not everyone loves Rex the dog so hide away the pet food bowls. Interior photography relies on clean lines and well-lit areas. Where possible hideaway wires and if needs to be unplugged and hide the cables. Lighting is king so if it’s grey outside ensure lights work which will give a warm homely feel to your property.



There are tremendous benefits to real estate agents in using floor plans to market real estate.

Floor plans help a buyer visualise and understand a property better than photos and descriptions alone. This would include measurements, window placements and other features unique to the property. Buyers can use a floor plan alongside photos to best understand a property and whether or not it's right for them leading to less wasted time and they help to mentally plan the move and form an emotional attachment to the property. Floorplans help to attract better informed buyers and sell the property quickly.

Floor plans make a property memorable and take the stress out of viewing the property as the prospective buyer can study the floor plan and measurements at their leisure. This could help a buyer see the potential of a property and book a second viewing rather than walking away.

Floor plans make the marketing of the property look professional. A clear, well-designed floor plan will help put your listing to the top of the pile as a professional listing from a professional business. It adds to the quality of your brand, and shows property sellers looking for an estate agent you that you’re willing to invest in your business to keep up with current property trends.

We are able to prepare multi-coloured 2D floor plans as well as 3d floor plans

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41 Pretoria Road 3d.jpg


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