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There are no fixed rules.


The business impression you want to convey is the most important consideration.

Some guidelines below 

Hair Supplies

Your look

Think about which is your best side. You may be self conscious about your facial features and we are used to hearing this. For example, one of your eyes is bigger than the other in which case we would angle you so that both eyes look the same size.

Your clothes

There isn't a strict rule so long as your outfit reflects your company. For formal studio photography, dark suits and classic office wear would be the way to go. For jewellery, think subtle and classic. 

Your smile

It's important to be comfortable when smiling and not force a smile. Top tip is to think of someone or something that makes you laugh. This will help to relax you and get a great smile.

Your posture

You want to look confident, genuine and approachable. Do keep your back straight. Don't hunch your shoulders.

Hair and make up

Don't cut your hair right before the shoot or have it dyed. Makeup should be subtle and not overpower the portrait.


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